Ernie (Official Collectors Club Box Set)


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Ernie (Official Collectors Club Box Set)
Series: Membership Bears

Condition: Pre-owned. Comes in original box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a pre-owned Bad Taste Bear sold from a private collection. There is likely to be wear and tear and damage to outer packaging and protective polystyrene. In general, unless otherwise specified above, all bears are in excellent condition or better.

Additional notes on condition: Despite us showing the note on condition, above, this Bad Taste Bear is in excellent condition.



Bad Taste Bears “Ernie” (Official Collectors Club Box Set)

Released June 2006. Retired May 2007. Club Membership Bear for 2006/2007.

Comes in a box (in a protective sleeve) with welcome booklet (which includes Ernie Battle Card), signed certificate, straw and “Ernie” figurine with milk crate.

Name: Inspired by the Benny Hill milkman character Ernie.