Coco (Collectors Club Box Set)


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Coco (Collectors Club Box Set)
Series: Membership Bears

Condition: Pre-owned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a pre-owned Bad Taste Bear sold from a private collection.

The images shown are usually the actual bear being sold. We’re happy to send additional photos on request.


Bad Taste Bears “Coco (Collectors Club Box Set)”

Released June 2003. Retired May 2004. Club Membership Bear for 2003/2004.

In Club Members Collector box with signed certificate.

Name: After Coco the Clown. It is possible that the machine gun in Coco’s hands is a reference to an episode in the American animated television series “Time Squad” called “The Clownfather” where Al Capone has made himself and his men into clowns.