Magnus (Limited Edition) DAMAGED


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Magnus
Series: Special Editions

Condition: Pre-owned. Comes in original box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Do-Up Bear – Which means it is damaged in a way other than just general scrapes and factory errors. These bears are sold at a reduced price and are often ideal for those with the skills to do-them up and modify or repair them.

Special Edition Number:-  4418/5000

Additional notes on condition: Book broken off and chipped. Can be repaired and repainted.


Bad Taste Bears “Magnus”

Launched October 2004. Retired July 2005.

Limited Edition Number 4418 of 5000. Each bear has a certificate certifying it is a genuine Special Collectors Limited Edition. The back of the (numbered) box is signed by Peter Underhill.

Name: As in magnet.

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