Fred (Freddy Krueger) DAMAGED/UNBOXED


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Fred (Freddy Krueger)
Series: Halloween Bears

Condition: Pre-owned.

IMPORTANT NOTE:┬áThis is a Do-Up Bear – which means it is damaged in a way other than just general scrapes and factory errors. These bears are sold at a reduced price and are often ideal for those with the skills to do-them up and modify or repair them.

Fred is one of the more problematic of the Bad Taste Bears, as he is slightly front-heavy which makes it relatively easy to topple him over. As a result, many of the Fred bears sold today are damaged in the same way – with knives broken off. This one has two knives broken off (and lost) as shown on the photos. There is no box but he will be packaged carefully for despatch.



Bad Taste Bears “Fred (Freddy Krueger)”

Released October 2005 for Halloween (brown box edition). Depicts the A Nightmare On Elm Street character, Freddy Krueger.

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