Fred (Freddy Krueger) DAMAGED/UNBOXED


Bad Taste Bears “Fred (Freddy Krueger)”

Released October 2005 for Halloween (brown box edition). Depicts the A Nightmare On Elm Street character, Freddy Krueger.

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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Fred (Freddy Krueger)
Series: Halloween Bears

Condition: Pre-owned.

IMPORTANT NOTE:┬áThis is a Do-Up Bear – which means it is damaged in a way other than just general scrapes and factory errors. These bears are sold at a reduced price and are often ideal for those with the skills to do-them up and modify or repair them.

Fred is one of the more problematic of the Bad Taste Bears, as he is slightly front-heavy which makes it relatively easy to topple him over. As a result, many of the Fred bears sold today are damaged in the same way – with knives broken off. This one has two knives broken off (and lost) as shown on the photos. There is no box but he will be packaged carefully for despatch.