Cult Movies: John (Rambo) DAMAGED (REPAIRED)


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: John
Series: Cult Movies

Condition: Pre-owned. Comes in original box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Do-Up Bear – Which means it is damaged in a way other than just general scrapes and factory errors. These bears are sold at a reduced price and are often ideal for those with the skills to do-them up and modify or repair them. However in this instance the top barrel of the gun came out of it’s slot and has been glued back in (not snapped so glued inside) and is virtually an invisible repair (see photo). We do however need to point this out. This has been reflected in the price.

The images shown are usually the actual bear being sold. We’re happy to send additional photos on request.


Bad Taste Bears “John”

From the Bad Taste Bears Cult Movies series Bear No. MOV-6.

John (depicting John Rambo in the Rambo movies). Includes Collectors Card Rex No 201.

Launched April 2008.