Christmas Bears: Prancer UNBOXED


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Prancer UNBOXED
Series: Christmas Bears

Condition: Pre-owned. NO BOX.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a pre-owned Bad Taste Bear sold from a private collection. All bears will be securely wrapped in bubble wrap. In general, unless otherwise specified above, all bears are in excellent condition or better.

The images shown are usually the actual bear being sold. We’re happy to send additional photos on request.

Additional notes about condition: Reindeer moves on his spring. There are 3 cell batteries (AG13) in a compartment in the base (which have been left in for information purposes)  Presumably the figures move under battery power but as it stands it does not move. So this figure is sold as an ornament. If someone works out it’s movement then that’s a bonus.


Bad Taste Bears “Prancer” Unboxed

From the Christmas Bears series.

Released and retired in December 2006,

December 2006 Christmas Bear only sold to club members.

Name: One of Santa’s reindeers.