Buy Back Bear: Alf (Metallic Green)


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Retired Bad Taste Bears

Name: Alf (Metallic Green)
Series: Bad Taste Bears – Buy Back Bear

Condition: Pre-owned. Comes in original box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a pre-owned Bad Taste Bear sold from a private collection. There is likely to be wear and tear and damage to outer packaging and protective polystyrene. In general, unless otherwise specified above, all bears are in excellent condition or better.

Additional note on condition: Very slight mark on top of Alien’s head (see photo).

Other than the above this is in excellent condition and is a “Rare Bear” which will not be available very often.

The images shown are usually the actual bear being sold. We’re happy to send additional photos on request.


Bad Taste Bears “Alf (Metallic Green)”

From the Bad Taste Bears “Buy Back Bears” Series (These were bears that were sealed in their box and contained either a standard bear, a rarer bear or a really rare bear and if returned worth a lump sum amount of money).

This bear is one of the really rare ones (1 of only 250 in the world). This item was never made available for general sale.Comes with a Certificate.

Name: An acronym for Alien Life Form, and the name of the puppet alien on an American TV series which ran from 1986 to 1990. This is a recreation of the Alien bursting out of Jon Hurt’s chest in the 1979 movie.

Launched September 2007.

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