Bad Taste Bears are collected all over the world, and we often get asked if we ship overseas.

The short answer is YES.

The long answer is this:

International shipping is expensive and complicated. Bad Taste Bears tend to be very light. Some of them can be light but big, which means if an order contains more than one or two bears, the chances are we can’t use Royal Mail to ship it.

We use Royal Mail for most UK orders, but the maximum box size for international shipping is smaller than most orders require.

For this reason, we have disabled international shipping via the website as often the shipping is more expensive than the products themselves and if we don’t calculate it correctly it can cost us dearly.

If you’re an overseas collector, please complete this form and we will get a price for shipping via an international courier like DHL.

Note: it could take us a couple of days to weigh and measure the bears to get a shipping price.

Overseas Enquiry

  • Some couriers won't provide a quote without this.
  • Some couriers won't provide a quote without this.